Dance Along to the Sexy, Funky Sound of Cosmo's Midnight's 'Have It All (Visualizer)'


Cosmo's Midnight, the electronic extraordinaire from Australia, are back with 'Have It All (Visualizer),' a single features Age.Sex.Location. Sydney twin-musicians have gone more funky with the dancey bass line that goes along with the sexy brass section. It probably will inspire you to book a trip down the South to have fun on the beach! The duo explained further in a tweet that 'We wrote this song in Malibu and itโ€™s about confidently crushing on someone ๐Ÿ’•.โ€™ Sounds lovely!  

The video entirely shot on film portrays the duo's journey which we can see how much they enjoyed their tour life, probably in their recent month-long USA tour.

Age.Sex.Location is the LA-based artist who mixes acoustic and electronic sound into R&B, psychedelic, electronic, pop, and world influences. Check out 'Cinnamon Girl' and 'Off the Market.'

Dance alone no longer! The twin is heading to Thailand for the second time to be a part of Maho Rasop 2019 line-up which we guarantee dance-all-night-long sets! Don't miss it ๐ŸŽŸ

Stream the song here or check out below for the mv

Malaivee Swangpol