Let's Rewind to 2018 Maho Rasop

The 2nd Maho Rasop Festival is on its way but we still can’t get over a full of smiles and fun from the festival last year. It was not only the first-ever international independent music festival held in the city of angels, but also a celebration of the memorable collaborative movement between us, Thailand’s top concert promoters – Have You Heard?, Seen Scene Space, and Fungjai. Although, we still cannot thank enough to all the revellers who came down to experiment with us in the last year event. We surely can promise you with the line-up of an exciting collective of artists – from regional indie acts to international headliners for the 2019 Maho Rasop Festival.

Let’s rewind that unforgettable night at Maho Rasop 2018, a highlight on last year’s calendar to many.