Cuco Just Dropped ‘Feelings’ Music Video!


It's been three weeks since ‘Feelings’, the smooth jazzy track filled with the driven bass line and hallucinating-dubbing chorus line unveiled. Now, Cuco launches the accompanying dark-theme music video along with some haunting aliens (which possibly escaped from Area 51, perhaps?) 

It's only a week away until he drops his debut album ‘Para Mí’ via Interscope. The album features ‘Bossa No Sé’ (feat. Jean Carter) and ‘Hydrocodone’! Pre-order or pre-add here >

We're hoping to catch these fresh tracks from this new album on the setlist, so don't miss the chance! Maho Rasop Phase 1 ticket available now: 

Check out ‘Feelings' music video below: 

Malaivee Swangpol