What's in the name?

Maho Rasop (มหรสพ) is a traditional Thai word for a ‘festive celebration’ which perfectly describes the vibe of the festival and brings out Bangkok’s character as the city is full of happiness, excitement and historical backgrounds. We’d like to invite you to celebrate with us in the heart of Bangkok every year's end.

Our Story

Maho Rasop is an international independent music festival in Bangkok, Thailand created by 3 leading concert promoters — HAVE YOU HEARD?, Seen Scene Space and Fungjai. We offer eclectic curation focused on quality live performances. We push the boundaries of local independent music tastes while maintaining international production standards, aiming to expand the global independent music scene, unlocking people’s listening comfort zone.


How it all started

2018: How it all started

The vibrant growth of the independent music scene in Thailand caught our attention as three promoters — HAVE YOU HEARD?, Seen Scene Space, and Fungjai. Witnessing our neighboring countries launching standout music festivals, we saw an opportunity to craft a unique one-day music event in Thailand. From this collaboration emerged Maho Rasop, Bangkok’s international independent music festival, which successfully kicked off in 2018.


Expanding over the weekend

2019: Expanding over the weekend

With the aim of revolutionizing Thailand's music scene by delivering a fresh and alternative musical experience, Maho Rasop immediately revealed plans for its 2019 edition after the conclusion of the 2018 festival. Eager to establish this as an annual event rather than just a one-off occurrence, the festival's sequel expanded to two days, and Blind Tickets were introduced to attract new attendees.


Comeback year

2022: Comeback year

After the successful reception of the second Maho Rasop in 2019, there was a lot of anticipation for the third installment scheduled for 2020. However, our plans were abruptly put on hold when the Covid Pandemic emerged and lingered for two years. The year 2022 saw us bouncing back as we managed to pull in our largest crowd to date. Now, in 2023, we are ready to make this year's edition an unforgettable experience once again.


At Maho Rasop, we showcase three uniquely conceptualized stages, each designed with a distinct approach to synergize with the array of artists on our line-up. Make sure you experience every stage! Let’s dive into what we’ve curated this year!


'Maholan', the main stage at Maho Rasop, plays host to a variety of headlining performances from both international and local acts. Expect top-tier production quality for sound, lighting, and stage design.


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